Live At The Loft

Live At The Loft is a music show and a party shot and recorded from an industrial loft filled with original art, vintage instruments and antiques. Its guests are 100+ of our favorite friends, writers, bloggers and tastemakers. A crew of cinematographers, a photojournalist and a sound engineer capture the whole night to create an all encompassing online experience; an exclusive view into a uniquely creative world and it's culture.

LATL24 8thW1 & PVD from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

For your listening enjoyment, Live At The Loft presents 8thW1 & PVD performing a live rendition of their new album Lux DeVille. We’re pleased to have fully vetted Loft alumnus Homeboy Sandman in attendance as our special guest host, along with DJ Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros. as our rare groove selector. All the makings of a signature evening at the Loft…

After an extended respite from the biz, 8th W1 is back to what he does best, reciting straight-forward stanzas over massaging instrumentals. With Lux DeVille we catch 8th as he ponders the troubles of the world and the potential for sun rays on the other side. His main cohort PVD plays the role of funky drummer, composer, and producer, laying beds of electronic jazz over hip-hop beats. When it all comes together, the result is a refreshing & personal offering from a couple of good dudes. Check our extended length video to see how it all unfolded, live…

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Special Thanks:
Homeboy Sandman & Ben Boogz

Of course, thanks to the entire LATL family that makes every show possible:
Pan, Sappy, Vinny, Eddie, Joe T, Joe M, Ron J, Jeremy, Texas, Olivia, Angel, Jonny and of course, Biz.

Resync 01 with Pan

Resync 03 with Sappy

RESYNC 05 with our homie, Melo-X ! ¬†